About us


We have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing of stainless steel products. We create with passion and commitment, always focusing on development, innovative methods and production techniques. Lepsod always provides top quality services. Due to our international contacts Lepsod is a competing brand in the European market and satisfaction of our customers inspires us to meet new challenges. Our company has a very solid and firm foundations, i.e.: modern machine park, qualified and experienced employees, high quality of our products and substantial logistic resources.

Our products are exported to many countries in Europe and beyond. Italy, Germany, Austria, England, Sweden, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Hungary, Belgium, France.


All accessories used in pools are made of stainless steel are designed and produced at our premises. The elements are welded using TIG with argon shield. Our qualified welders always make clean and durable welds. High-grade stainless steel that we use in our products is the highest grade of 1.4404 steel. The solutions and materials applied in this technology make our products resistant to many factors, including the chemical disinfection products. We maintain high quality due to our internal, quality-oriented policies.


One of the most important factors in our production proces is cutting precision. Laser cutting of stainless steel, as performed in our company, is made with 0.1 mm accuracy by a fibre laser. That guarantees great repeatability and precision of the laser cut parts. Modern CNC press brake offering synchronous control of the Y1 and Y2 axes. This allows for the best accuracy. Our modern machine park is operated by a specialized team of qualified welders, turners, and CNC operators. Our experienced fitters also take care of the quality system of the individual products during the final stages of the production process.


We provide a 2 year guarantee for all our accessories and 4 years guarantee for swimming pools and spas. Our team is always at the customer's disposal. The information on technical assistance during installation and servicing are available free for each product at our website: www.lepsod.com